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Dealing with multiple brands, their own ecosystems, different compatibilities, very high pricing and varying quality standards has made owning a smart home an impossibility for its aspirants. Smartspace is on a mission to ensure that it not only reaches out to everyone as a mere concept but as a fully experienced reality and make every household experience Fine Living.

Your home in your hands

Smartspace™ mobile application lets you monitor and control your home settings, devices and appliances from anywhere in the world. Set several things in motion with a single tap using programmable scenes and automations. Get notified at the right times and ensure safety. Discover how a single app can drastically enhance your lifestyle.

switches & control

Use our touch switches and retrofit relay modules to turn your switchboard smart. Our Ultra sensitive backlit touch switches / retrofit options support on/off , dimming and fan speed control operations. The manual operations continue to work as before. Additionally you get app based and voice based control.

motorised curtains & blinds

Our motorized curtain solutions can turn any blind/curtains smart. The curtains continue to operate manually as well. With its Ultra quietness, durablilty and customizabilty, it will suit all your needs. Now your curtains can automatically open/close at sunrise and sunset time.

smart lighting

Use our smart bulbs, RGB LED strips and Ceiling mountable smart lights to colour your home. Colour your imagination with 16 million options to choose from. Set the mood with Smartspace lighting integrations.

digital door locks

Choose from our wide range of digital door locks. FaceID Unlock, Fingerprint unlock, Time based OTP generation, Remote app unlock, RFID key support or normal key operation keeps your home secure and with total ease.

More Options, Smarter Choices

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