Moroccan Tiles



Invite the spice of Moroccan life into your bathrooms, kitchens and living areas this season, with our selection of Mediterranean Moroccan Tiles. A mix of decorative patterns, geometric designs, and efflorescent motifs, they are perfect for bringing a wall or floor space to life. 

Five, opaque, gentle, geometrical and
three-dimensional surfaces, designed to create architectural spaces using wall tiles that are brought to life by light and shadow.

We at Osaanj have collaborated an exquisite range of terrazzo tiles in multiple colours and finishes, bringing back the charm of the told Terrazzo Tiles in India.

Cultures carved onto stone.
Different cultures and eras come together in art, the stones are decorated with the knowledge and passion of expert craftsmen, suitable for cladding and feature walls.

Introducing tropical digital prints on tiles with hand painting for the perfect wall available in size 8" by 8" and 4' by 2'. Available in matte and high gloss finishes.

While most of our product offerings are based in ceramics, we have also come up with a range of stone based products for interiors as well as exteriors. The products are a mixture of stone with glass, ceramics, and resin, adding a touch of luxury to your living spaces.

Budget Bathrooms


Recreating some of the most sought after designs on Pinterest for executing the perfect residential/hospitality design.

Hospitality Design